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Convention Time!

Talking about the Sacramento IGDA Indie Arcade Convention and it was awesome!

The End Is Near

Last few days before the convention , major crunch time!

Emotional Roller Coaster that is Game Developing

Creating a forest fire area and talking about stress leading up to

Up in the Clouds

Starting to make the art for the sky area of our game Red Cobra

Goodbye programming, hello art!

Finishing up the programming side of our demo

AG Indie Vlog 6 : one more week for code

Made a few enemies and starting with puzzle areas

Coughing fits & sliced fingertips!

We were only able to do a little bit this week due to being and and Colleen cutting off her fingertip, but we are excited about the near future!

Super Green

A very short one this week and showing my magical green drink

AG Indie Vlog 3 : Lot's O Issues

Issues after issues

First Look

Showing the very start of our game project, Red Cobra in UE4. Excuse my bed head , it was too early in the morning lol .

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