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Adversary Games

(Independent game company and media outsourcing studio) Adversary games is an independent game studio located in Alpine California and founded by Ajari Wilson and Colleen Delzer in January 2011. We strive to make fun, affordable games across many platforms such as PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Indie Games, PSN, iPhone, and Android mobile phones. Adversary will also outsource media to studios for their own productions. More information about hiring Adversary for your studio's media needs will be available soon on this site.

Ajari WIlson

Colleen Wilson

(game designer, texture and 3D artist, programmer, web designer) Colleen has always loved art and first remembers, when she was about 5, drawing large dragons with hearts around them on huge pieces of paper. It was her childhood dream to be a video game developer and thought of video games as moving art in a way. Wanting to pick up the video game developer dream she had as a kid, she took to the books in 2005 and started learning C++ in order to start this dream with her husband, Ajari. With professional background, she went to college at UCT in 2000 but stopped to work at Realm Interactive in 2001 as a concept, texture and 3D artist. She recently worked for Game Center Group as a CSR, QA and web designer/programmer for clients and did many things for GCG including concept art for side projects as well as an ad and business card designs. She also occasionally does freelance art and web stuff. As with hobbies, she loves art, programing, reading non-fiction books, and practicing natural healing. She also loves nature and enjoys going on regular hikes and snorkeling when it's not to cold! Some Art (mostly old) that Colleen Created: Art Page

Ajari WIlson

Ajari Wilson

(game designer, music composer, sound effects designer, story writer, 2D animator) Ajari has been creating music and sound effects for companies such as 11:11 MediaWorks, Synapse Gaming, the International Poker Players Association and Lighthouse Labs for over eight years. Very versatile, he has created music in genres from Hip Hop/R&B, to orchestral, and cartoon scores, just to name a few and has freelanced for companies and individuals from countries including the US, Australia and Israel. He is also a 2D animator and a fan of videogames, cars, anime, movies and a wide range of music. A few samples that Ajari Created: Sample Page

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